Cranbrook’s Family Discovery Center offers an exciting learning experience to feed the curiosity of intergenerational learners. Designed to inspire a love of science through adult/child interaction, the Family Discovery Center offers nearly two dozen discovery “module” boxes each containing unique information and activities focused on a specific subject.

Working together, families select the module that piques their interest. Inside are books, activities, games, toys and props that encourage the family to explore the topic more thoroughly together. Subjects include Fossils, Meteorites, Touch, Magnetism, Owls, Native Americans, Minerals, Patterns, Egypt, Snakes and more. Some of the modules contain small pieces. Adult supervision is required.

When finished, each module is returned to its case and, if desired, another topic is explored. Books are available for further study. The intimate environment of the Family Discovery Center further stimulates the senses by featuring plants, taxidermy, scientific specimens and the chance to play “dress up” using international costumes.

The Family Discovery Center is free with admission and is located on the lower level of the Museum, down the stairs opposite Reflections Café. The Family Discovery Center is open Sundays from 12:30 - 3:30pm. Free with admission; tickets are provided at the Front Desk.

Join The Team

Cranbrook Institute of Science is currently looking for docents to help staff the Family Discovery Center. Join us as we tap into the vast Institute resources and ignite a passion for learning – whether working directly with our guests or building content behind the scenes – we need your skills! The Family Discovery Center team creates a comfortable space where families explore real objects and scientific methods. Please be willing to dedicate 4 hours per month to the Family Discovery Center. If you think you'd enjoy this opportunity, call Julie McGinley at 248 645.3216 or