Cranbrook’s unparalleled location, historic campus, engaged audiences, acclaimed exhibitions and educational programming provide numerous sponsorship opportunities for corporations both large and small.

One of the world’s leading centers of education, science and art, Cranbrook was founded in 1904 by George and Ellen Scripps Booth. Today, the Cranbrook Educational Community comprises an Institute of Science, an Academy of Art and Art Museum, Cranbrook Schools and Cranbrook Center for Collections and Research. Its National Historic Landmark campus is graced by architecturally significant buildings, outdoor sculpture and natural and tended landscapes. Cranbrook hosts more than three hundred thousand people annually and engages learners of all ages and interests in educational programs and experiences.

Welcome to CIS

Community centers, schools, clubs and seniors groups interested in finding out more about astronomy, physics, chemistry and other sciences can contact the Institute for expert speakers -- perfect for an enlightening, engaging afternoon of learning. Or bring your group to Cranbrook for a field trip and take advantage of all the museum has to offer.

From museum rentals and field trips to speakers and traveling exhibits, Cranbrook Institute of Science can fill all your science needs.

As a unique educational institution, we seek to draw art, science and education together in ways that foster an ability to create something new and original. Cranbrook is a diverse, sustainable community where education is prized, the human spirit is nurtured and innovation and creativity are valued. Cranbrook can, and does, challenge minds and transform lives.

The Institute of Science continues to play a significant role in building a scientifically literate public. We foster in our visitors a realization that science literacy is vital to all aspects of our lives and that meaningful discoveries are the natural outgrowth of a curious, questioning mind. Extraordinary, transformational experiences in STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) are our primary focus.

History and Mission

Staff and Board of Governors

Cranbrook Educational Community is an internationally renowned center for the arts, education, science and culture located in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Comprised of a graduate academy of art and contemporary art museum, center for collections and research, house and gardens, science and natural history museum and pre-k through 12 independent college preparatory schools, Cranbrook welcomes thousands of visitors and students to its campus each year. Founded by Detroit philanthropists George and Ellen Booth in 1904, Cranbrook’s campus features the work of world-renowned architects. In 1989, Cranbrook was designated as a National Historic Landmark.

Cranbrook Educational Community is a non-profit organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (the Code) and is exempted from federal income taxes on related income pursuant to Section 501(a) of the Code. Its tax identification number is 38-2015048.