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Current scientific theory holds that a massive asteroid crashed into the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico approximately 66 million years ago. The aftermath of the impact was directly responsible for not only the extinction of the dinosaurs, but roughly 75% of all life on Earth at that time.

Unfortunately, this massive extinction of life was not an isolated event. Over the past 500 million years, the Earth has experienced five large scale extinctions. One of them was so complete in its utter devastation it is estimated only 4% of life on Earth survived.

These moments of “great dying” have drastically impacted the biological and evolutionary trajectory of life on Earth. For the most part, the reasons for these extinctions remain shrouded in mystery though evidence of global cooling, severe volcanic upheaval, and even extrasolar events like Gamma Ray Bursts remain likely causes.

Today, some scientists speculate the Earth is in the midst of a 6th mass extinction. Could human activity resulting in unchecked global warming, ecosystem destruction, and rampant pollution be the cause? Might events like another asteroid impact or a super volcano eruption hasten the collapse of life even further? Join us in our newest exhibit Doom of the Dinosaurs: Are We Next? to learn the facts, see the evidence, and decide for yourself.