Da Vinci Machines and Robotics is presented by PNC Bank and supported in part by WDET.

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Created by The Artisans of Florence International in collaboration with The Niccolai Group, this exhibition consists of over 75 exhibits, reconstructed from the manuscripts (Codices) and drawings of 15th century Renaissance Man Leonardo da Vinci. Exploring and connecting his studies in nature, anatomy, mechanics, flight, and robotics, this Exhibition demonstrates how Leonardo’s work is more relevant in today’s scientific world than 500 years ago when he first conceived his amazing ideas.

Da Vinci Machines & Robotics features Leonardo’s amazing flying machines, nautical, hydraulic and architectural innovations, groundbreaking applications of civil engineering, artwork, and incredible war machines.

This exhibition also includes 15 high quality reproduction artworks, giant art panels, computer animations, film screenings and rare copies of Leonardo da Vinci Codices - Codex Atlanticus (1478 – 1519), the largest with 401 sheets, held in the Ambrosiana Library Milan, and Codex on Anatomy Windsor Collection (1502 – 1513), Windsor Castle Royal Library, London.

This exhibit is not included in your museum general admission. 

The Da Vinci Machines Exhibition™ (New Inventors ABC)