If we could travel back in time and visit Ancient Rome, we would be very surprised to see how many aspects of our society resemble those of 2,000 years ago. We would learn that we have inherited from this great Empire, many of the objects, concepts, technologies and machines that are part of our contemporary life. 

It has been said that the Romans copied, or at least were greatly influenced by Alexandrine Science (that Greek-Hellenistic revolution sparked by Alexander the Great, circa 300 – 100 BC). However, it is thanks to the socio-economic conditions created during the Roman Empire and the Romans’ shrewd and selective adaptations of that knowledge that have allowed the spread and preservation of many ‘ancient technologies’ to us. 

This Exhibition was born from the desire to recreate this fascinating period of history as realistically as possible. Allowing visitors to explore and experience the gadgets, the clever technologies and the mighty machines of the Roman Empire, all faithfully reconstructed by the Florentine Niccolai-Teknoart© technicians.