Deal alert! Enjoy FREE general admission to the Institute and FREE admission the Ancient Rome: Age of the Caesars this Sunday, May 20, in honor of our Roman holiday. Witness gladiators demonstrate gladiatorial combat, get hands-on with Roman history, make your own Roman board game, design and color your own shield, and more. Special activities take place from 12 – 4pm. 

Other activities for all ages include:

  • Better Than a Bed Sheet - Dress in a real Roman-style toga, and learn the good (and bad) points of this iconic Roman garment.
  • Legionnaire Outfitters - Try on a helmet, use a replica shield and sword similar to what legionnaire soldiers used, and discover how this equipment affected battle strategies.
  • Ready for the Games - Try on a gladiator's helmet, and get a first-hand look at how these fighters could see.
  • Roman Fling - Fire a model catapult, ballista, and trebuchet to learn about warfare in the ancient world.
  • Keeping It Clean - Explore the surprising truths about personal hygiene in the Roman world!
  • PNC Mobile Learning Adventure