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Explore Space, Planetary, Movie, Industrial & Service Robotics! A Current and Futuristic, Interactive, Scientific, Hands-On experience.

Participate in activities encompassing the fantastic reality of robotic technology as it applies to Space Exploration, Ocean Exploration, Planetary Exploration, Industrial Applications, Service to Humanity, the Disabled and the Movie Industry. An exhibition that is as visually stunning as it is educationally relevant. The exhibits are real technological devices and fully usable by the public and interactive. Some of the interactive elements are unique to an extent never done before in a traveling exhibition. The activities are adaptable to all ages and skills. The exhibit is a challenging experience that is both colorful and at times mystifying.

Dare to test your skill in aspects of earth applications and beyond. The exhibition goal is to inspire and encourage a new generation of innovators and to provide useful scientific examples of electronics, robotics and engineering technologies that are relevant to STEM and STEAM education initiatives and to also span into College and University level elements.

The exhibition features robotic elements based on Award Winning & World Renowned work for NASA, for esteemed Universities, R&D and Robotics Innovations. Each exhibit is designed to captivate with an expanse of wondrous environments and themes.

Elements of technology and numerous parts in motion are fully visible to increase the educational merits. World class hands-on interactive exhibits, audio and video components, graphic panels, text and authentic technological marvels and research prototypes.

This exhibit is free with general admission.