The Rouge River Water Festival is designed to help elementary students learn about our most precious natural resource- clean, fresh water. This free event will help students appreciate the importance of water and how it impacts their daily lives. It also provides students with hands-on activities to help them understand environmental stewardship and explore connections with their local watershed.

This year the 22nd Annual Rouge River Water Festival will be held September 19th-22nd, 2023. Registration is free and open to 4th and 5th grade classes in the Rouge River Watershed.

To register your class, please click here.

If you are an environmental educator and are interested in registering your organization to present on one or multiple days, please use this link.

The festival is a collaboration coordinated by the Oakland County Water Resource Commissioner’s Office and Cranbrook Institute of Science and is funded by Pure Oakland Water and Waste Management.

If you have any questions regarding the event please contact Lizz Parkinson, Head of the Freshwater Forum, at