Girl Scout Programs

For registrations totaling less than $50 per program, please complete your booking by telephone at 248.645.3210.

Available October through May.
Advance registration is required.
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Scouting at Cranbrook for Girl Scouts - Overnights
6pm Friday through 8am Saturday

Experience the Institute after hours by camping among the exhibits. Meet Scouts from across Michigan as you participate in hands-on workshops.

Overnight Workshops include:
2 hour workshop
Auditorium physics program
Planetarium program
Evening snack 
Continental Breakfast

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Friday Overnight Workshops – All Scouts Science Explorer

Nov. 22 6pm; Jan. 24 6pm; Feb. 14 6pm; Mar. 28 6pm; Apr. 25 6pm
The Scientists at Cranbrook have put their heads together to create an exciting adventure for your Scouts! Take some time to explore the world of dinosaurs, learn a thing or two about the importance of the buffalo to Native Americans and try your hand at mixing together a slimy concoction before ending your science exploration with an electrifying physics presentation. You’ll get all this, plus time to explore the museum and a Scouts-only planetarium program. Please note: we are constantly developing different ideas for this overnight experience; the content may change year to year or even date to date. To stay updated, please check our web site for more information. This program is open to all ages of Scouts. No specific badge earned.

Friday Overnight Workshops – Brownie & Junior Girl Scout Astronomy

Nov. 15 6pm; Jan. 17 6pm; Apr. 4 6pm
The Universe is the limit in this astronomy workshop. Check out the sky above in our planetarium to create a chart to help you identify the stars and learn about the features of the Earth’s moon. Then, learn about the tools used by amateur and professional astronomers. We’ll take a look at the stars while using a planisphere. Scouts will get a chance to see how extensive our solar system really is by walking through our scale model. Finish with a visit the Institute’s Observatory to catch a glimpse of a celestial object or two.

Friday Overnight Workshops – Junior Girl Scouts CSI

Jan. 10 6pm; Feb. 7 6pm; Mar. 7 6pm; Apr. 11 6pm; May 2 6pm
Become an agent-in-training to solve a fictitious crime in the museum! Scouts learn the importance of a good memory while conducting an investigation, interviewing suspects and analyzing crime scene samples including blood splatter, microscopic examination of fibers and hair, and even fingerprints. Scouts will interpret data collected during the evening to solve the crime and determine…whodunit!