Boy Scout Programs

For registrations totaling less than $50 per program, please complete your booking by telephone at 248.645.3210.

Available October through May.
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Scouting at Cranbrook for Boy Scouts

Please note:

  • Some of the Scouting at Cranbrook workshops take place off-site. Please note the location of each workshop before registering
  • Cadette, Senior and Ambassador Scouts may register for Boy Scout Merit Badge Workshops
  • Upon registration for a merit badge workshop, a complete list of pre-requisites will be mailed to the registrant
  • Upon registration for a merit badge workshop, a complete list of prerequisites will be mailed to the registrant
  • It is the responsibility of the registrant to give the prerequisite information to all of the Scouts attending the workshop from their group
  • Scouts should arrive for programming with an approved merit badge application (blue card) and prerequisite materials completed prior to the workshop
  • A certified merit badge counselor will collect the merit badge application and all completed pre-requisites for review
  • Scouts will be notified of the status of their application within 30 days of the date of the workshop
  • Cranbrook Institute of Science merit badge counselors reserve the right to give only partial credit or no credit if all requirements are not completed
  • {F} Indicates Scouts should be First Class or higher for these workshops.

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Archaeology {F}
Dec. 14 9am
Experience first-hand what goes into, and comes out of, an archaeological dig. Interpret artifacts found at a local historic site and explore some of Cranbrook’s incredible collections.

Dec. 14 1pm; Feb. 8 9am
Chemistry is not limited to beakers and laboratories - it’s all around us. Everything you hear, see, smell, taste and touch involves chemistry and chemicals (matter). Discover the basic properties of matter and learn how to predict and explain how they change when they react to form new substances.

Nov. 23 9am; Jan. 25 9am
Electricity is a powerful and fascinating force of nature. As early as 600 BC, observers of the physical world suspected that electricity existed but did not have a name for it. This workshop focuses on how electricity is generated and transported through electrical currents. Make your own electromagnet and try your hand at wiring a simple electric motor as you work towards completion of the requirements.

Fish and Wildlife Management
Jan. 25 1pm
Discover the meaning and purpose of fish and wildlife management. Take an up-close look at the food chain when we dissect local fish species and examine the stomach contents. Understand how Michigan’s resources are managed and how and why certain species are protected.

Geology at Pontiac Lake State Recreation Area
May 10 1pm
Participate in this comprehensive workshop to complete the Geology badge. Talk to Cranbrook’s expert Geologist while hiking around Pontiac Lake State Recreation Area. Experience first-hand the Geology of Michigan as you use the tools of the trade to discover the important roles rocks and minerals have played in Michigan’s history.

Indian Lore
May 10 9am
Discover the rich culture of Native Americans utilizing traditional tools and skill-building crafts combined with an overview of today’s American Indian culture. This program focuses specifically on the “People of the Three Fires,” the Ojibway, Ottawa, and Potawatomi nations. The program lecture and activities, including language, hunting technology, and an historical overview meet all badge requirements.

Mammal Study {F}
Nov. 23 1pm
Ever wonder what are the real differences between cats and dogs? During this workshop we will learn how animals are classified and construct shelters to improve the habitat for mammals around our homes. We will conclude with a tour of the Institute’s taxidermy collections to learn how and why museums prepare animal specimens.

Plant Science {F}
Mar. 29 1pm
Learn about the different plant specimens around Cranbrook’s 319 acres as you explore each plant’s unique position in the ecosystem. Study first-hand plant species in the Cecil Billington Herbarium, part of Cranbrook’s vast collections.

Soil & Water Conservation
May 3 9am
Discover what a watershed is as you create a model to better understand how all of us play a part in the biodiversity of the community. Learn about human impacts on a watershed and gain an understanding of the importance of soil and water conservation.

Space Exploration
Mar. 29 9am
Ever wonder what it takes to be an Astronaut or what would be required to live on the moon? During this workshop we will launch model rockets and design a space exploration base.

Full Day Programs
5½ - 6 hour workshops

Astronomy {F}
Dec. 13 6pm
5 ½ hour workshop – includes a 10pm planetarium program. The universe awaits you in this adventurous badge workshop. Learn about telescopes, moon phases, constellations and our solar system. Our experts will keep the discovery going as they guide you through the stars – even our Sun. Take a visit the Institute’s observatory to catch a glimpse of a celestial object or two. End your evening in our Planetarium to explore the night sky as your mind begins to connect what was discovered during the workshop. You are welcome to bring a snack to be consumed during the workshop.

Environmental Science {F}
Oct. 12 9am; Apr. 26 9am
6 hour workshop – please bring a sack lunch
Develop an appreciation for the environment during this workshop that takes place on the grounds of Cranbrook’s 319-acre campus. Learn about ecosystems, air pollution, water pollution and land pollution, as we perform experiments in each of these areas.

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