Cranbrook Institute of Science Minerals Wow Denver Crowds

2010 Gem & Mineral ShowMinerals on display from the institute's world class collection created quite a buzz at the recent 2010 Denver Gem and Mineral Show (9-17 to 9-19). The exhibit (see attached) was primarily comprised of specime2010 Gem & Mineral Showns acquired during the period 1933 to 1958 the golden era of mineral collecting. Some highlights include: the anchor of the display, a breathtaking Beryl (Heliodor) from Minas Gerais Brazil (Mrs. Standish Backus 1958), flanked by two incredible San Diego Co. tourmalines - (Elbaite and Rubellite) donated by Booth in 1933; one of the finest Wulfenites in the world from the Red Cloud Mine (Booth 1938); an unparalleled deep green Variscite (Goddard 1945); one the very best rare Hiddenite specimens from North Carolina (Colburn 1949) as well as a stunning crystalline copper from the Baltic Mine in the Keweenaw Peninsula (A.V. Denny, 1937). These donors all played important roles in Cranbrook history and the fabric of society in this region. The institute's mineral collection is unarguably one of the world's finest - a real gem!