Cranbrook Institute of Science Displays Skull of New Horned Dinosaur!

UtahceratopsThe recent description of two new remarkable ceratopsian dinosaurs from Utah (cousins of the familiar Triceratops) in the September 22 issue of the online scientific journal PLoS ONE has been widely publicized and has captivated the imagination of the public sector.

DinosaurResidents of southeast Michigan have a rare opportunity to see a cast of the skull of one of these new giant horned dinosaurs called Utahceratops, currently on display at the Cranbrook Institute of Science as part of its popular World of Dinosaurs: Land, Sea & Air exhibit. The massive seven foot long skull features laterally projecting horns similar to those of a bison and a huge frill used for species recognition and mate selection. Utahceratops and related dinosaurs lived during the Late Cretaceous Period 75 million years ago on a landmass in western North America called Laramidia, separated from the rest of the continent by a marine seaway that stretched from the Gulf of Mexico to the Arctic Ocean. Utahceratops will also make a special guest appearance at 2010 Detroit Gem and mineral Show (October 8-10). So don't wait till the frill is gone, see Utahceratops while it’s here!