Acheson Planetarium Re-opening

The New Acheson Planetarium is Out of this World!

The planetarium at Cranbrook Institute of Science boldly goes where no planetarium has gone before when it re-opens to the public on Friday, October 14. Since closing for upgrades on Labor Day, new lighting, sound system, and technology have been installed to deliver the most intense planetarium experience in southeast Michigan.

The upgrades, courtesy of the Michael and Adele Acheson family, will offer visitors a 360 degree aural experience that delivers images that are three times brighter, crisper and more color-saturated than before. In addition, a new "green" LED lighting system allows the projection of any color in the spectrum, greater visual effects capabilities. The planetarium also will be able to offer giant screen films.

As part of the Acheson gift, an observatory upgrade will follow in spring/summer 2012. Once completed, the Institute will be able to project telescopic images in real time from the observatory directly onto the planetarium dome!

Institute Members will get a FREE sneak preview of the new Acheson Planetarium on October 12 when tickets will be available to the first 250 Member Night attendees of the preview of the upcoming exhibit Life on Earth featuring Explore Evolution.