Seasonal & Special Events

Rites of Spring

April 4 - 8, 2016
1:00 - 4:00pm

Join us for an exciting week of activities that will help you learn how to live a greener life through activities like recycled art projects, Trash Trivia, and Water Jeopardy. Heavner Nature Connection/Heavner Canoe Rental will present a "Voyage in Time" to demonstrate what the 1760's in the back country of the Great Lakes were like through an imaginary canoe trip with your family and friends. Visit with Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner Jim Nash to learn about the impact of energy production on water resources and how alternative energy can protect our lakes, rivers, and streams for future generations. Craig Covey, Board Member, Pure Oakland Water and Former Mayor, City of Ferndale will present “Home Grown - Ten Ways you can ‘Green’ your Yard and Garden,” and our friends from the Sierra Club will be here to show us how to have a lighter impact on the planet, as well as MSU extension will be to show us how to make our lawn and garden habitats “greener” to protect our soil and water. Finish with a chance to see a live Lamprey Eel!

Rites of Spring is Free with admission.