Michigan Sky Tonight

What will I see when I go outside tonight? What’s happening at Saturn? What are the latest hot topics in Astronomy? Michigan Sky Tonight is a live-narrated program about what’s happening in the current night sky and in the universe of astronomy, from constellations to comets, planets to pulsars. In this 45-minute astronomical tour de force, you’ll also learn how to use a starchart that we provide for you to keep!

Michigan Sky Tonight is a live-narrated program updated every Friday to reflect the latest events in the night sky and other cosmic happenings.

  • Now Showing.
  • First Friday of the Month at 6pm.
  • Friday/Saturday at 8pm.
  • Saturday/Sunday at 1:30pm.
  • Saturday at 3:30pm.
  • This program changes weekly to incorporate the latest astronomical discoveries and items of particular interest in our Michigan skies.
  • Tickets required in addition to museum admission