Join us for a celebration of all things mechanical! Explore the science behind robotics and more through a variety of hands-on activities and experiences. Navigate challenging terrain and program your way through mazes and raceways in our rolling robot challenge, get transported to low Earth orbit as you investigate the ISS in our virtual reality experience, and more!

Sphero Programming Maze - Try your hand at robot programming as you guide our spherical bots through a series of ever more challenging mazes.
Sphero Obstacle Course - Test the physical limits of spherical robots as you remotely control a Sphero through challenging terrain.
Sphero Raceway - See how your robot driving skills stack up with our racetrack. Try for a best time or race against friends.
Rubic’s Challenge - See if you can scramble a Rubic’s Cube enough to stump our Rubic’s Cube solving robot or see if you can solve a cube faster than it can.
Hex Bug - Programs and remote controls aren’t the only ways to tell a mechanical system what to do. In this challenge, use blocks to devise a way to get a simple robot to its intended destination.
Snap Circuits - Experimenting with simple electronic circuits, change the behavior of electric motors.
Virtual Reality - Explore distant locations from the comfort of the museum! Go on a spacewalk in near-Earth orbit or explore the ocean depths in our virtual reality theatre.