Michigan meteor enthusiasts wanted! Think you found a meteorite? Bring it to Cranbrook Institute of Science for an inspection during our event. Visitors will learn how to recognize meteorites by handling and analyzing real specimens from the Institute’s meteorite teaching collection – you’ll never fall for a meteor-wrong again!

Also see 5 specimens of meteorites that fell in Michigan on display in our Rocks from Space exhibit as well as other meteorites and related impact features from around the world, including; Russia, Egypt, Canada, Morocco and other sites in the USA. See and touch the actual asteroid fall out layer from the dinosaur-killing impact collected in southern Colorado and remarkable asteroid impact glass (tektites) from North Africa and SE Asia.

Institute geologist John Zawiskie will give a free lecture at 2:00pm entitled “Tutankhamun and Rocks from Space” dealing with the Egyptians use of meteoric iron and impact glass.

This event is free with museum admission.