Upper Great Lakes Archaeological Odyssey (DOWNLOAD)

William A. Lovis, Editor

Upper Great Lakes Archaeological Odyssey celebrates the career of Charles E. Cleland -- Michigan State University emeritus professor and curator of anthropology -- through a series of focused research papers by a distinguished sample of his friends, colleagues, and former students. All 10 papers touch on some aspect of Cleland's 35 years of research into the past and present of the indigenous peoples of the Upper Great Lakes. Collectively, these contributions demonstrate the rich diversity of both Cleland's research interests as well as the innovative directions of contemporary archaeology in the Great Lakes region. The broad range of research in this book will satisfy the eclectic in all, whether interested in ceramics and chronology, mortuary analysis, settlement and subsistence systems, the interactions of Europeans, Americans, and Native peoples during the past four centuries, the origins of indigenous horticulture, or a small piece of Upper Great Lakes archaeology.(2004). Paperback. 254 pages.