Latest Updates - June 9, 2020

  • Water Use It Wisely is a website all about water conservation. Play games and learn everyday tips you can use to save water in your own community.
  • Tune into Crash Course Kids’ YouTube episode all about the Basics of Freshwater.
  • How many ways can you come up with that can help conserve water? What do you already do in your home to be more water-conscious? The Water Page is an excellent resource to learn more about ways you can save water in your everyday life. Take a moment to read up on water issues and how you can help solve them.
  • Investigate more ways to save water with your family on this website. Get your whole family involved and think about ways you can cut down on water consumption on the daily.

Institute of Science Developed Resources

  • The Freshwater Forum along with Southeast Michigan Council of Governments and Great Lakes Water Quality developed a series of OneWater videos that show us ways to protect water every day.
  • One summer in order to raise awareness about the Great Lakes Michele Arquette-Palermo, Head of the Freshwater Forum, and her youngest son swam in all 5 Great Lakes in 13 hours and 7 minutes

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