Physical Science

  • The Why Files online archive has articles relating to many different science disciplines. Check out the Physical Science section to learn more about plate tectonics, physics, meteorology, and more!
  • My Molecularium is an app for your phone to test your chemistry knowledge in a fun, engaging way. Learn to use the chemical and structural formulas to help you build a wide range of important molecules, from water and vitamin C to caffeine and adrenaline.
  • Check out ChemCollective! A free resource rich with virtual labs, chemistry games, and scenario-based activities. “Solve a Murder Mystery!” is their current featured resource. Use molar mass calculations, the scientific method, and basic knowledge of chemical reactions to solve a murder mystery.
  • The American Association of Chemistry Teachers has an extensive library of chemistry resources separated by grade level (elementary school to high school). Check out webinars, editorials, and animations in addition to grade-specific resources.

Institute of Science Developed Resources

  • Watch our several-ton Trebuchet in action here and here.

External Resources We Like

  • A collaborative trio (researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, West Ed, and high school chemistry teachers) launched a virtual chemistry lab simulator. The NGSS-aligned activities were designed to help students develop skills with scenario-based simulations.
  • Simulate a trebuchet, changing all the physical parameters, to maximize your throw!
  • Dive deep into the amazing world of Physics.
  • Sit in on the lectures of world famous physicist Richard Feynman.
  • Learn physics in The Physics Classroom using animations, questions, and answers!
  • The Khan Academy is an amazing resource for many topics...including physics.
  • Visit PBS Digital Studios’ Physics Girl YouTube channel.
  • Go-Lab hosts a large collection of free online labs, app, and more.
  • PhET Interactive Simulations project at the University of Colorado Boulder offers free interactive math and science simulations that are fun and educational.
  • Check out the YouTube channel NileRed for some amazing in-depth chemistry experiments. Take a look at the reactions he does with Mercury…and why you can’t take it on an airplane!
  • The American Chemical Society has a variety of science experiments, resources, and games for kids of all ages to enjoy.
  • This interactive periodic table of elements is an incredible resource for all aspiring chemists. Learn more about the elements and their properties.