About the Bat Zone

Welcome to the Bat Zone, Metro Detroit’s premier nocturnal wildlife sanctuary! Located at the Cranbrook Institute of Science, the Bat Zone houses more than 200 animals from across the world, including a Two-toed sloth, Great-horned owls, and Vampire Bats! Virtually all of our animals were either rehabilitated or captive born and raised. None of the animals that we care for can be released into the wild.

Bat Zone Tours

Visitors to Cranbrook can take a personal, behind-the-scenes tour with a bat expert at the Bat Zone: experience bats in flight, amazing animal facts, and the world’s largest species of bat, the Malayan Flying Fox!
Bat Zone tours are available Saturdays at 12:30 and 2:30pm, Sundays at 1:30 and 2:30pm, and daily during the summer. 
Tickets are available at the Cranbrook Institute of Science Front Desk. School and group visits can be scheduled by calling Cranbrook Institute of Science at 248.645.3210 or by visiting the Educators page.

Summer Bat Walks

Join us on Friday nights all summer long as we look for bats on the beautiful grounds of Cranbrook. Watch bats dip and dive over ponds, see bats fly through the sky and listen to echolocation with sophisticated bat detectors.
Tickets are available at the Cranbrook Institute of Science Front Desk for $5 ($4 Institute Members) plus museum admission. Call 248-645-3200 for times.