The Freshwater Forum at Cranbrook Institute of Science

Improving the health of the Great Lakes Basin one daily decision at a time.

Vision Healthy, flourishing Great Lakes for all generations to come.

Mission To educate, motivate and promote stewardship for the health and conservation of the Great Lakes among all citizens, particularly those living inland of the Great Lakes coastlines.



  • The Freshwater Forum offers accurate, scientifically grounded and timely information and resources to diverse residents of the Great Lakes region and beyond.


  • The Freshwater Forum maximizes its impact by presenting the most current resources and information available, then connecting those resources and information to daily actions that have a direct affect on the health of the surrounding Great Lakes Basin environment.


  • The Freshwater Forum provides residents of all ages, backgrounds, interests and perspectives with resources and information in ways that acknowledge different learning styles, education levels, access to technology and foundations of existing knowledge.


  • The Freshwater Forum connects residents to local opportunities for further engagement, learning and action in support of Great Lakes environmental advocacy through our network of partners, friends and affiliated colleagues.


  • The Freshwater Forum remains an extraordinary entity through responsible management, solid relationships with donors and ongoing self-evaluation focused on performance and real-world impact. 

For more information about water resource outreach programs, water studies, curriculum and helpful links at Cranbrook, please visit Cranbrook Freshwater Forum.