Reflections Cafe'

Reflections Cafe' serves a variety of great food including sandwiches, salads, snacks and beverages.  Download the current menu.


Open Monday – Friday 7:45am to 3pm
Saturday 11am to 3pm
Sunday Noon to 3pm

The Institute now offers lunch for students visiting the Institute with their classes.  Lunches are pre-ordered for delivery to the school's designated dining area at the time of the visit.  Each school lunch special includes a slice of cheese or pepperoni pizza, carrots and dip, 100% juice box or milk, and a cookie.  ($4.75 per student)

The cafe offers special-dietary needs menus and classroom pizza parties!

Orders must be received one week prior to visit.

Please contact the cafe at 248 645.3201 or 248 645.3205 to order.