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Special Election Day Public Planetarium Programs

Join us on election day, November 2, 2010, for a special trio of public planetarium programs.

Tickets are required for all programs in the planetarium in addition to museum admission. They can be purchased at the museum entrance desk. There is no late seating.

Cranbrook Institute of Science Displays Skull of New Horned Dinosaur!

UtahceratopsThe recent description of two new remarkable ceratopsian dinosaurs from Utah (cousins of the familiar Triceratops) in the September 22 issue of the online scientific journal PLoS ONE has been widely publicized and has captivated the imagination of the p

Cranbrook Institute of Science Minerals Wow Denver Crowds

2010 Gem & Mineral ShowMinerals on display from the institute's world class collection created quite a buzz at the recent 2010 Denver Gem and Mineral Show (9-17 to 9-19).

Cranbrook Institute of Science Acquires New Meteorite

The Institute’s latest meteorite acquisition comes from a pristine rayed impact crater developed in Cretaceous sandstone bedrock in the remote East Uweinat Desert of Egypt, near the border with Sudan. The specimen, an iron meteorite (ungrouped nickel-rich ataxite), is a shrapnel piece derived from a 1.3 meter wide impactor, that likely struck around 4,000 years ago.

Folco et al. 2010, The Kamil Crater in Egypt, Science, 13 August, Vol. 329, p 810.

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