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Telescopes and Eclipses

Cranbrook Head of Astronomy Mike Narlock will be discussing the lunar eclipse and offering advice on telescope usage at a free lecture at 6pm tonight at the Kezar Public Library located at 107 Church St. in Romeo.

Festival of Fossils & More

Discover a dinosaur, pet a mastodon or play paleontologist. Visitors will work on real dinosaur, play Dino Carnival games and enter the World of Dinosaurs exhibition to marvel at more than 60 full-scale dinosaur casts! The Institute’s caricaturist will even show you what you’d look like as a dinosaur! Special daily planetarium and Bat shows too!

Festival of Fossils events are free with admission.

Member Shopping Days

Members get 20% off any regularly priced merchandise in the Science Shop!

This promotion is valid for all "in store" purchases only.

Special Election Day Public Planetarium Programs

Join us on election day, November 2, 2010, for a special trio of public planetarium programs.

Tickets are required for all programs in the planetarium in addition to museum admission. They can be purchased at the museum entrance desk. There is no late seating.

Cranbrook Institute of Science Displays Skull of New Horned Dinosaur!

UtahceratopsThe recent description of two new remarkable ceratopsian dinosaurs from Utah (cousins of the familiar Triceratops) in the September 22 issue of the online scientific journal PLoS ONE has been widely publicized and has captivated the imagination of the p

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