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Asteroid Impact and the End of the Dinosaur Era

Speaker: Dr. Brian Huber,Smithsonian Institution
Fri., Dec. 9 • 7:30pm

Dr. Brian Huber will explore the asteroid impact theory for the cause of the Late Cretaceous mass extinction based on his studies of deep-sea drilling cores taken 500-580 km off the northeastern coast of Florida during an ocean drilling program cruise. Free with admission.

Acheson Planetarium Re-opening

The New Acheson Planetarium is Out of this World!

The planetarium at Cranbrook Institute of Science boldly goes where no planetarium has gone before when it re-opens to the public on Friday, October 14. Since closing for upgrades on Labor Day, new lighting, sound system, and technology have been installed to deliver the most intense planetarium experience in southeast Michigan.

Institute of Science Offers Public Viewing of Ice Age Mastodon!

July 20 and 30, 2011; 1 - 4pm

Cranbrook Institute of Science will offer two public viewings of the cleaning and preservation of the fossilized bones of a mastodon discovered earlier this summer near the town of Otter Lake in northwest Lapeer County. Prep labs will be open to the public July 20 and July 30, 1-4pm each day. The viewings are free with admission to the Institute of Science.

Telescopes and Eclipses

Cranbrook Head of Astronomy Mike Narlock will be discussing the lunar eclipse and offering advice on telescope usage at a free lecture at 6pm tonight at the Kezar Public Library located at 107 Church St. in Romeo.

Festival of Fossils & More

Discover a dinosaur, pet a mastodon or play paleontologist. Visitors will work on real dinosaur, play Dino Carnival games and enter the World of Dinosaurs exhibition to marvel at more than 60 full-scale dinosaur casts! The Institute’s caricaturist will even show you what you’d look like as a dinosaur! Special daily planetarium and Bat shows too!

Festival of Fossils events are free with admission.

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