"Our intention is to excite learners of all ages about the world around them, help educate them about their place within it, and to fan the flame of curiosity within them."

Michael Stafford, Ph.D.
Director, Cranbrook Institute of Science

From large transformative gifts with outcomes like the Hall of Global Cultures – our interactive anthropology hall showcasing artifacts from around the world that are part of the Institute’s nationally-recognized collection - to the Gateway Project (West Entrance) – a flexible greeting and meeting space that allows us to welcome tens of thousands of school children annually and provide event spaces for internal and external audiences – to the many gifts to the Institute’s Annual Fund – a critical source of support that helps to cover daily operating expenses – gifts of all kinds are important to the current and future success of Cranbrook Institute of Science.

Annual Fund

Admission fees and membership dues cover only a portion of what it really takes to operate Cranbrook Institute of Science on a day-to-day basis. For the remainder, we rely on regular Annual Fund gifts of all sizes. Cumulatively, these gifts are the lifeblood of the Institute, providing support for the basics – lighting, heating and cooling, security, staff salaries, and general maintenance and upkeep of the Institute’s exhibits and facilities.

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Strong endowments are akin to strong insurance policies when it comes to museums such as Cranbrook Institute of Science. Endowment gifts are held in perpetuity, with investment earnings going to support the programs and exhibits that our visitors and Members come to us to enjoy. Because of their longevity, funds and corresponding programs can be named providing a great way to leave your legacy or honor a loved one.

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Corporate Sponsorship

Today’s successful companies think beyond simply their own profitability. They are also aware of their impact on the customers who support them and the communities in which they do business. By matching their corporate missions with ours, organizations that sponsor Institute science programs extend the impact of their marketing message to our audiences in meaningful, impactful ways that demonstrate corporate responsibility and help to grow their businesses. Partnership opportunities can be customized to fit the needs of any organization interested in supporting science-based education and learning in Michigan.

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Planned Giving

Some donors might choose to use their assets to make a greater impact by including Cranbrook Institute of Science in their charitable giving plans. “Planned Giving” integrates your charitable, family and financial goals. There are many different mechanisms through which donors can make planned gifts – some that can provide immediate tax advantages while providing the donor income, and others that are occur upon their death.

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Cranbrook Institute of Science is unique among science museums in this region because of its world class collections. Beyond its changing exhibits, the Institute uses artifacts and objects from its top ranked collections of gems and minerals, entomology, ornithology, botany, anthropology and archaeology and more to relate to and encourage discussion of contemporary and local issues and events. While some items are exclusive to be shown in a protected exhibit setting, many others are used in hands-on education programs for both school groups and the general public helping to make the museum experience come alive for our visitors.

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