DTE Energy Foundation's Community Waterfests! Program

DTE Energy Foundation

Pioneered at Cranbrook Institute of Science, Waterfests! are single or multi-day festivals that offer the experiences, resources and connections necessary to spark and sustain community advocacy for the health of the Great Lakes. Using corporate and municipal employees as well as non-profit volunteers as presenters, the Cranbrook Waterfest! model is recognized regionally as the “gold standard” for high quality, hands-on environmental learning in a place-based setting. Cranbrook Institute of Science has been offering annual Waterfests! for K-12 learners and educators residing in communities along southeast Michigan’s Rouge River since 2004 and, to date, more than 20,000 students and their teachers have attended the Rouge River Water Festival at Cranbrook Institute of Science.

Using the Institute’s well-established model, the DTE Energy Foundation’s Community Waterfest! program offered K-12 and community focused Waterfests! in six DTE communities statewide over four years and presented 13 festivals (plus four River Rouge Water Festivals at the Institute of Science). Cranbrook Institute of Science’s watershed education coordinator served as an organizer, mentor or inspirational force for each of these community festivals, working directly with community leaders and local educators to assure success, broad community impact and sustainability. Many planning and implementation activities focused on helping these DTE communities and their local leadership plan and execute subsequent Waterfests! independently.

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