The Physics of Fling!

GLCE ZONE 2 - 12

Demonstrate the power of physics using the Institute’s three-ton Trebuchet. Capable of launching a large pumpkin the length of a football field or more, Cranbrook’s trebuchet is an awesome tool to demonstrate the principle of conservation of energy, the mathematical nature of projectile motion and the basic laws of kinematics in engaging and inspiring ways that are certain to thrill and inspire.

This amazing program is offered in three ways:

  • Two hours at your school
  • Two hours at the Institute of Science
  • One hour at your school and one hour at the Institute (on separate days).

Each progam includes a classroom component which involves the use of a model trebuchet as well as the hands-on use of the full-scale trebuchet.

This program requires even terrain and approximately 75 yards of down-range distance. Some classroom components for lower grades are not transportable and require a museum visit.

This program is $550 at your school, $450 if split between the Institute and your school, or $400 if the program takes place only at the Institute of Science.

Please call 248 645.3210 for availability.

This program is content scalable for grades 2 - 12.