Every Rock Has A Story

Every Rock Has A StoryWas Michigan once located in the tropics? Will California crumble into the Pacific Ocean? The earth is constantly changing right under your feet and the exciting results range from earthquakes and volcanoes to granite and diamonds. Whether it's a tiny crystal or a massive mountain, rocks and minerals reveal our planet's history and offer clues to our future as plates shift, minerals grow, volcanoes erupt and earthquakes shake.

Every Rock Has a Story presents information on the materials that make up the earth and the processes that have shaped the globe over time.

  • Discover how crystals form within the earth and how minerals are the building blocks of rocks.
  • Learn how molten rock rises from within the earth to form the continents and ocean basins at the surface.
  • Explore the earth's past and follow the evolution of the continents as they move over the surface of the earth.