Traveling Exhibit Rental

Bats: Myths and Mysteries combines a museum quality educational exhibit with the excitement of live animals. Presented by the Organization for Bat Conservation and Cranbrook Institute of Science, this exhibit is available as a 1,000 or 2,500 square foot installation, this exhibit can be customized to fit into almost any space.
Options for a daily live bat exhibit or weekend-only live bat programs are also available.
Museum components include:
• Bronze Busts

• Interactive Displays
• Realistic Bat Models

• Informational Graphics
• Giant Bat Ears

• And much more
In addition, live bats offer a glimpse of amazing diversity and include Central and South American Leaf-Nosed Bats, African Fruit Bats, and Asian Fruit Bats.  Some of these bats boast wingspans of 5 feet!
Community-based involvement elements include encouragement in bat habitat monitoring, bat watches, bat conservation activities and educational opportunities. Take home conservation materials and hands-on activities may be provided.
Click for a copy of the Bats: Myths and Mysteries brochure


For more information, please contact:
Rob Mies,
OBC Director