The Science of Sight, Light & Illusion

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August 4 - December 30, 2014

The Science of Sight, Light & Illusion is a roughly 1200 square-foot exhibit by Cranbrook Institute of Science that provides hands-on experiences exploring the optics of the human eye and the physics of light and illusion.

Illusion Through Cinema

There will be 5 interactive kiosks that utilize the theme of cinema through time to illustrate how the entertainment industry uses color and motion in order to confound sight and perception along with six, sit-down activity stations.

Mechanics of Sight

This section will contain anamorphic graphics on the floor as well as interactive kiosks relating to the biology of the eye and the mechanics of how it works.


The final section examines how the human eye perceives color including the wave nature of light, diffraction, reflection, refraction and color tables.