The museum's exhibitions are housed in 14 permanent galleries including Our Dyanmic Earth featuring Life Changes Over TimeIce Ages Come and GoIce Age Survivors; and Mastodons Did Not Survive; Wasserman Hall featuring Reading Objects and Peoples of the Woodlands: Objects of Great Lakes Native America; Flint Anthropology Gallery; Woodlands Den; The Motion Gallery; Every Rock Has a Story; Astronomy Lobby; Mineral Study Gallery; Acheson Light Lab; Water Passage featuring Water is Like Nothing Else; and The Story of Us.

There is also a changing exhibition hall, an outdoor science garden, nature trails, a state-of-the-art planetarium, an observatory and a nature center currently leased to the Organization for Bat Conservation. The major overarching theme to the exhibitions is the interconnectedness in nature. This idea is introduced to visitors in a unique, multi-media theater called the Connections Theater.