Bat Zone

The Bat Zone is getting a facelift and will reopen to the public June 25! If you are planning a visit to Cranbrook Institute of Science during this renovation, be sure to check out the exhibit BATS: Superheroes of the Night to see live bats and learn about their nighttime world.

See bats live and up close! Visit the Organization for Bat Conservation's Bat Zone for a behind-the-scenes tour. See bats found around the world--Vampire bats, Big Brown bats, Dog-faced Fruit bats, Straw-colored Fruit bats, Golden Flying Foxes, Malayan Flying Foxes, Egyptian Fruit bats and more! At this nocturnal wildlife sanctuary, you will also see other night-time animals including a two-toed sloth, owls, skunks and flying squirrels.

All animals that live at the Bat Zone are either injured and can not be released, have come from rescue situations, have been donated from zoos that can not house them anymore, or were orphaned at a young age. We never take animals from the wild and hold strong to the philosophy that wild animals are not pets (something we stress in our educational programs). Our bats and all other animals that make the Bat Zone their home are treated with respect and love. They are ambassadors to the world and are trained to enjoy programs by using only positive reinforcement in these programs.

To learn more about bats or the Organization for Bat Conservation go to

The Organization for Bat Conservation also offers live animal education programs for schools and other groups at Cranbrook Institute of Science, on-site or through Distance Learning. Call 248-645-3232 to learn more about these programs.

BATS: Superheroes of the Night was created especially for the Institute of Science by the Organization for Bat Conservation. The exhibition uses a comic superhero theme to playfully demonstrate why bats are important, what is threatening them, and how kids and adults can help save these important pollinators, insect eaters, and forest regenerators. This all ages experience features bats from the Bat Zone Admission is $5 for the general public, $4 for members, and $3 for seniors and children 2-12 plus museum admission. Children under 2 are free.