Bat Zone

See bats live and up close! Visit the Organization for Bat Conservation's Bat Zone for a behind-the-scenes tour. See bats found around the world--Vampire bats, Big Brown bats, Dog-faced Fruit bats, Straw-colored Fruit bats, Golden Flying Foxes, Malayan Flying Foxes, Egyptian Fruit bats and more! At this nocturnal wildlife sanctuary, you will also see other night-time animals including a two-toed sloth, owls, skunks and flying squirrels.

All animals that live at the Bat Zone are either injured and can not be released, have come from rescue situations, have been donated from zoos that can not house them anymore, or were orphaned at a young age. We never take animals from the wild and hold strong to the philosophy that wild animals are not pets (something we stress in our educational programs). Our bats and all other animals that make the Bat Zone their home are treated with respect and love. They are ambassadors to the world and are trained to enjoy programs by using only positive reinforcement in these programs.

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Tour the Bat Zone

September - June

  • Saturday 12:30 and 2:30pm
  • Sunday 1:30 and 2:30pm

July - August

  • Monday - Saturday 12:30 and 2:30pm
  • Sunday 1:30 and 2:30pm

Summer Bat Walks

Join us on Friday nights all summer long as we look for bats on the beautiful grounds of Cranbrook. Watch bats dip and dive over ponds, see bats fly through the sky and listen to echolocation with sophisticated bat detectors.

Tickets are available at the Cranbrook Institute of Science front desk for $5 ($4 Institute Members) plus museum admission.

June 17, 9:00pm
June 24, 9:00pm
July 1, 9:00pm
July 8, 9:00pm
July 15, 9:00pm
July 22, 9:00pm
July 29, 9:00pm
August 5, 8:30pm
August 12, 8:30pm
August 19, 8:00pm
August 26, 8:00pm

Join experts from the Organization for Bat Conservation on a search for bats around Cranbrook’s campus. Watch bats dip and dive over ponds, listen to their echolocation with bat detectors, and learn how bats impact our local environment.

Click here for a schedule of bat shows during special events.

The Organization for Bat Conservation also offers live animal education programs for schools and other groups at Cranbrook Institute of Science, on-site or through Distance Learning. Call 248-645-3232 to learn more about these programs.