DTE Energy Foundation's Community Waterfests! Program

DTE Energy Foundation

The program offers an opportunity for communities around the state to develop water festivals to educate the public about protecting their local watershed and the Great Lakes. Institute of Science staff help communities to design and organize water festivals with local partners. Funding is also available to cover costs associated with the first year's festival.

Rouge River Water Festival 2015 Volunteer Registration

The Rouge River Water Festival could not happen without volunteers. Volunteers serve as the Goodwill Ambassadors of the Water Festival by guiding teachers and students to presentations. There will be an orientation to familiarize all volunteers with the campus, their role and the activities for the day. Volunteers receive a free continental breakfast, lunch and a T-shirt.

Rouge River Water Festival 2015 Presenter Registration

The Rouge River Water Festival is a water education event held the third week of September since 2003 at Cranbrook Institute of Science (CIS). Fourth and Fifth grade students from the Oakland County portion of the Rouge River watershed attend the festival.

Water Quality Monitoring on Cranbrook’s Campus

GLCE ZONE 5 - 12

Students gather water samples from the Rouge River on Cranbrook’s campus to measure water quality using physical and biological assessments. Identification and classification of benthic macro-invertebrates provides data about water quality as students sort, identify, and count creatures harvested from the river bottom. This hands-on experience opens a new world of awareness and scientific inquiry as to the health of local rivers and streams.



Rouge River Water Festival

Save the Date: September 15 - 18, 2015

Pure Oakland WaterDTE Foundation

Watershed Education

Learn about environmental science and Great Lakes protection!

For more information about water studies, curriculum and helpful links at Cranbrook, visit www.greatlakeswatershed.org

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