Holidays from the Deep!

November 23, 2012 - 1:00pm - 4:00pm
Cranbrook Institute of Science

Dive deep into fun and excitement this Thanksgiving at the Institute of Science.  From Cartesian divers to resurrecting ages old artifacts from the briny depths, there’s something for everyone this holiday season.  Learn about electrolysis, buoyancy, remotely operated vehicles and more!


Can You Take the Pressure?
As a diver descends deeper and deeper into the water, the amount of water pressing against the diver increases dramatically. Try this experiment to see first hand the affects of pressure in a safe and visible manner.

Dancing Sea Stars
With a bit of kitchen chemistry, you can make your own miniature aquarium with pasta sea stars swimming up and down. We show you how it is done so you can reproduce the activity at home.

Divers sink in the water by increasing their density and rise by reducing it. We supply you with the parts to make your own toy diver to take home and the knowledge to make it work. All you need to add is your own bottle of water in which your diver can swim.

Float Your Boat
Everyone knows metal is so heavy it sinks instantly in water -- or does it? Discover the principle of floatation and the reason why a 10,000 ton ship can stay afloat on the surface of lakes and seas.

Great Lakes Puzzle
Try your hand at a word search designed around our Extreme Deep exhibition. Puzzle content will help you remember the various elements of the display and what you saw.

Deep Salvage
Why do we send robots instead of people into harsh and dangerous environments? Use a small tethered ROV and a short mission to explore this question.

Extreme Survival
How cold can you stand it? Victims of the Titanic tragedy perished because of hypothermia. Sink your arm into our cold water chamber and experience for yourself the effects of extreme cold on the human body. Discover out how the invention of neoprene and other materials have enhanced human survivability in extreme temperatures.

Great Lakes Invaders
How have Zebra Mussels impacted the Great Lakes since their unwanted introduction into the lakes? Find out for yourself how they are impacting our lakes ecosystem and precious archaeological resources.

Conduct a table top experiment to find out how Archaeologists conserve metal artifacts and remove years of corrosion in order to preserve our maritime past.

11:30am Young Stargazers Sky Journey
12:30pm Let It Snow
1:30pm Michigan Sky Tonight
2:30pm Mystery of the Christmas Star
3:30pm Michigan Sky Tonight
Ages 6 & Above Only
7:00pm Let It Snow
8:00pm Michigan Sky Tonight
9:00pmSpacePark360: Lucid Dreaming Edition

Live Bat Programs are available at 12:30 and 2:30pm as well.