Public Planetarium Programs

February 25, 2011 - 11:30am - 10:00pm
Cranbrook Institute of Science Planetarium

Join us Feb. 21 - 25 for daily public planetarium programs.  

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Tickets are required for all planetarium and live animal programs. Observatory activities are included with admission.

Planetarium programs run Saturday/Sunday with additional programs Friday evenings.

(Saturday Only)
Young Stargazers Sky Journey
12:30pm Seven Wonders (Ages 6 & Up)
1:30pm Michigan Sky Tonight
2:30pm One World, One Sky: Big Bird’s Adventure
Friday 7:00pm Seven Wonders (Ages 6 & Up)
Friday 8:00pm Michigan Sky Tonight
Friday 9:00pmSpacePark360

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These shows are for general admission visitors. School groups and other groups may attend regularly scheduled public astronomy or entertainment shows, but are limited to 35 people per program. Private astronomy or entertainment shows for up to 75 people can be scheduled weekday mornings and afternoons throughout the school year. Further information is available on our For Teachers Web page.


  • Programs begin promptly. We suggest you arrive an hour before showtime. Always leave yourself enough time to park the car, purchase tickets, check your coats and strollers, visit the restrooms, etc.
  • Planetariums are not like movie theaters. Planetariums are too dark to allow audience members to come and go as they please (it is dangerous and disruptive). Latecomers will not be admitted.
  • Visit the restrooms before the program begins. Once the lights go down, visitors can leave, but are not permitted to reenter (see above).
  • Planetariums are great places for kids, but to recreate a nighttime environment the planetarium theater has to be dark. Note that strollers are not permitted.
  • Please turn off cell phones, beepers and other noisy electronic or light emitting devices while inside the theater.
  • Note: food and drink are not permitted in the planetarium.